Where I’ve been.. Well. it a mix between Middle Earth (started playing LOTRO with my best friend again), and then the past several days it’s been in Tamriel lol. I really enjoy the transfer to 64 bit with Skyrim. I can run my 800 humble amount of mods with no issues anymore. I have logged almost 1,000 hours into Skyrim and never beat it.. I play way too slowly lol. This time I am determined, but I play with so much immersion it’ll likely take ages. 

The new Animal Crossing update also released yesterday, and I sold my town to Tom Crook Nook for millions of bells, and time to start anew there as well!

I have testing this month, and then again after the holidays. However, it’s a little more relaxed for me at the moment, but I’m not in a huge Sims mood right now, so I’ll be playing Skyrim, AC, and LOTRO.. and whatever else gets my attention. I’ll be lurking and able to respond to messages better now though. Hopefully lol.

I will post pictures at my general gaming blog http://aureliamoonplays.tumblr.com/ , so I don’t spam you here with non-sims pictures for anyone curious as to what I am up to.