I know I’m really not around and this is mostly why. These are just a few pictures of different areas around my lawn. Told you it looks like a shit hole right now.. That was after the water drained some. It was all the way up under my deck, but they finally drained it fully from our neighborhood yesterday. So, it’s a lot of clean up of downed trees, busted up fence, and trash pick up from douche bags who didn’t secure or bring their trash cans into their garages… 

My husband is in New York this week, so it’s all me and the kids doing this. I’m okay with that because as I was telling @ladysyrenplays my husband is a high strung pain in the ass and I can also sleep diagonal in the bed that I’m passing out in early at night lately lol 

While, there wasn’t any major damage done to our house, and  I’m thankful; We did lose about 400 dollars worth of food, which hurt a bit- but on the bright side, the wine and rum was safe so I can at least get drunk enough not to care lol 

 Anyway, just wanted to give an update that it’s not an abandonment this time. I’m just tired and busy. Plus, I have a test coming up still.

Thank you all for the sweet comments and messages 😘