After following my husband in my car, whom for some inane reason, decided to choose the creepiest Dawn of the Dead entrance he could for us to get back into town via the Old Sheldon Church road, which is not only scary as hell on its own, because of its history, but also took a thorough ass raping from the hurricane, making it look even more terrifying- we finally arrived home. 

I’m tired as shit, but hey; not only is our power back on, but I also now currently have lake side property…. The water is ankle deep through almost my entire front lawn, which looks like a complete shit-hole.. I guess it matches the rest of the town at least. I have so much to do the next few days.. starting with cleaning out my fridge since the power was off for almost 4 days DX

I miss going through these storms as a kid where my parents handled all this shit. Being an adult sucks.