So, Beaufort took a direct hit on Saturday from hurricane Matthew. Both fortunately and unfortunately, however, my town is surrounded by the other barrier islands, Hilton Head, Fripp, St. Helena, etc. so those islands sadly took the brunt of the damage. However, Beaufort currently looks like a shit hole and is without power.

We were asked to not return for now, which I expected and makes sense. It’s not safe with the roads in their conditions, without power, and curfews in effect. Of course, from the reports we read, that didn’t stop many from trying to return only to get turned around by the national guard and those that stayed in town are out “sight seeing” and impeding the restoration/clean up. I don’t get the logic of some people. I understand their concern for their home but there’s not much they can do until the city is restored. There’s no power and nothing is even open . It’s really not rocket science here, think of it like this.. would a mother find it easier to clean her house with all of her kids running around or while they are at school? But now Beaufort PD is having to be pulled from other things to get the remaining citizens out of the way of the power company and other road workers.. they are delaying this process. Just let them do their damn jobs so we can all go home..

They have estimated Monday for us to return, but we’ll see. Hopefully I’m back home soon.