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I know I’ve been MIA. I was completely wiped for the week after driving to Florida to help my son move into his college apartment. When I FINALLY got a good night’s sleep and thought I’d get back to quasi normal.. this happened.

My kids found her, and she was maybe just at 4 weeks old, based on how she was walking. We couldn’t find her mom, and she belonged to no one. So, I’ve been taking care of her. She just got off the bottle a day or so ago. She’s very active and thriving, but like any baby.. takes a lot of work lol My other cats have hissed at her 5985 times now (makes me think of this video), but one actually goes and sleeps near her now. It’s my dog, Hercules, who is enthralled and protective of her. When the other cats came to check her out he chased them away lol Either way, none of them have been aggressive towards her.

In anycase, I have a test coming up on the 20th and I am studying for it during the days when my kids are in school. I have been playing games at night when i finally have some down time, Sims, WoW, Guild Wars 2, Fallout still.. etc lol. I always have grand plans to make posts of HML or show some updates to SOL world I have done, but then I end up passing out before 11, which is insanely early for me.

Anyway, I’m setting up the queue now and it should start today! Missed you all! ♥