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So, I’m back. I’m so damn tired. I got home Sunday after midnight. In 48 hours, I did 15 hours of driving, and we moved my son from Tampa to Winterpark (Orlando area). I miss him like crazy, but I know this will be a great opportunity for him. However, I was very sad on my way home, and just tired and still adjusting. 

I’m gonna try and restart the queue this week (I actually have quite a bit I haven’t posted). I possibly have a new certification test coming up, but there’s some other things going on too (nothing bad) so It’s a little up in the air, However, I am preemptively studying for it.

Then there’s also this…


After 2 years of being away and my son, and friends all telling me to come back to WoW, that Legion is amazing… well.. guess what. I did it. Plus, there’s still Fallout.