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I don’t really have anything to post that’s sim related because I haven’t gotten a chance to edit and post new Honeymead queue. So, here’s some Fallout 4 with my character Hazel Daniels. She and Dogmeat are going to go try and start fixing up that dump of a settlement, since it’s all I have the energy for right now, but I really want to play lol. My husband got me all the DLC for it last night and I’m too tired to do shit dammit!

I just got home finally like an hour ago at 7 pm. I’ll answer stuff officially tomorrow and I know I have a lot of tumblr to catch up on still, but thank you all for the well wishes for my daughter. She’s is fine, the doctor said she had a migraine with aura, a.k.a an ocular migraine. She said it could be a one time occurrence or may have been the start of them to have through her life. She’s fine now and been told that if it occurs again the moment she sees those “lights” she should be taking motrin, and can take up to 800mg if necessary. She’s in her room being loud and jackassy with her friend now, so she’s all good haha.