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Okay four sets of questions!

Thank you for the tags from the amazing girls that are- @eowijnssims, @ladysyrenplays, @permissiontocurse & @krazyangelkat81

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Answers below the cut!

Questions from @eowijnssims

1. If you could delete something out of the Sims what would that be?

The townie generation.

2. What do you like the most, making sims, building houses or playing the game?

I would say making sims and playing the game. I do enjoy decorating, but building is a chore for me lol

3. What does a good Sim Story comply with?

This is a bit harder for me to answer, because I think this can be subjective. However, for me- I enjoy deep characters with personalities that dwell more in the grey zones.. That have flaws. And, I find it very important for the writer to try their best to stay within the character’s personality, however, that’s not to say a character can’t change over the course of a story, but it should be natural. Characters almost always make or break a story for me. If I have no attachment to the character, then I likely can’t invest in the story.

4. Which pre-made Sim do you like the most?

The Goth’s! ♥♥

5. Which pre-made Sim do you really hate?

I’m indifferent to most of the rest.

6. Pets or Seasons?


7. Which of your own Sims don’t you like?

Natalia Hart lol She’s horrid and just a typical bitch with no real thought process of her own.

8. Do you use cheats? and which one you use the most?

For SOL, I use mood, cheats, money cheats, build, cheats, CAS, testingcheats, hideheadline, pretty much all of them. However, for my actual gameplay then I don’t use money, mood,or any gameplay advantage type cheats, etc.

9. Is there another game than the sims, you like playing?

This list could be insane! I’ll name a few though- Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Rune Factory, Skyrim, Star Ocean, Mario Kart.. etc. etc. etc.

10. Do your RL friends and family know you’re playing the sims?

Yep! Most of my household has played it. Not to the extent I do though.

11. How many tumblr blogs do you follow?


Questions from @ladysyrenplays

1. Which sim have you created that you most adore from any one of the Sims games? (include a picture if you like!)

So, this is really a toss up for me between Merilee and Akio.

Merilee is near and dear to me. She’s an old OC, and I have spanned her across so many other games, including both the Sims 3 & 4. 


Akio, well.. Akio. I love him. I’m highly attached to him and he is likely to move beyond the sims as far as my story writing goes one day.


2. Which Sims game is your favorite and why: 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Definitely 3 & 4. I didn’t get as much play enjoyment out of 1 and built more than anything. 2 was better, but the sims were weird looking to me. I know that’s not a general consensus, but.. I don’t know. Their smiles really creeped me out.

I really loved 3, the open world and vast amount to do. Especially once the expansions started coming out. I got a ton of play out of 3. 

With Sims 4, I was turned off at first to find out the things it would be lacking and questioned whether I should get it. However, I decided to approach it as its own game and look at what it DOES have, and I am so glad I did. The game is so optimized, very brief load times, doesn’t lag or crash without the help of third party mods. It’s a great game and I have equally enjoyed it as much.

3. Do you micro-manage all your sims, just an active household, or not at all?

It depends on what I am doing. Things like SOL or other stories, I’ll micro-manage. However, with actual game play like Honeymead’s, then I do not micro-manage. I use to and often found I got bored as shit quickly. So, I’ll micro-manage at times, and let autonomy run at others. Or focus on one sim while allowing the others to their own devices. This gives many great chances to see things I otherwise wouldn’t under micro-managing and makes for fun random things. I almost exclusively allow elders to run on autonomy. They’re amusing that way and I feel like they’ve earned their freedom at that point!

4. Do you listen to the actual music and sounds of the game or do you find it annoying?

I like the game sounds and music very much! I find it annoying NOT to hear them. Plus, during actual gameplay you can catch things happening you don’t see because of the sound. 

5. Mosaic or no mosaic?

No mosaic. It’s really not good for storytelling purposes or just any screenshots!

6. If you could wish for one thing for Sims 4, what would it be? (i.e an expansion pack, gameplay features, objects, etc.)

Seasons! God, I want seasons so badly!

7. What do you find most annoying about Sims 4?

Lack of MOO capability on the sims. Although, poses, teleport, and pose player have come a nice way for Sims 4. It would still make things so damn easier if I could just MOO them!

8. What is your most favorite thing about Sims 4?

That’s really hard for me to pinpoint. I love the play, and I love how streamlined the game is. The visuals are beautiful. hmm… gameplay, I REALLY love the restaurants they added!

9. Do you prefer to build, decorate, be in CAS, or actually play the game?  Or all of the above!

I prefer to play/storytell or be in CAS. I do like decorating but I’m lazy about it too. Building, I just feel half stupid at!

10. Realistic CC, Maxis-match CC, a mix of both; what do you prefer?

Mix of both really. Depends on the game save I am in. SOL, definitely realistic. Those characters and world would look silly with MM. However, for Honeymead and some of my other saves, I love MM!

11. You have the opportunity to create your own expansion pack for Sims 4!   What would be the theme and what could we expect from it?

Look, I’m unoriginal. I just want Season’s ffs! lol rain, snow, hot summers, Fall colors, activities for each season, and I’d love to see festival lots and holidays right along with them again! I would definitely include sun bathing again and usable beaches. Maybe add activities for each season, such as like the diving and boating that Paradiso had for like the summer. Skiing and ice skating for winter. Things like that!

Questions from @permissiontocurse

1. What is the sims to you (stress relief / pure entertainment / escape / etc..)?

Probably a little bit of all of that! I’m a huge gamer in general, so games are definitely my entertainment. Despite the time and effort I put into it, The Sims is a relaxed and casual game for me!

2. Do you just use your sims for “props” or do you actually play them?

Both. For the most part I play them, even SOL sims to some degree, but there are a few sims that I have made that are purely for prop purposes. i.e. Natalia Hart lol

3. Have you ever had a dream/nightmare with your or someone else’s sim(s)?

Not really, but I have had dreams of seeing plus and minus signs above people’s heads. So, I guess I was living in a sims world.

4. Do you have a vision of how you want them to look before making a sim in CAS?

Sometimes. They don’t always turn out as I envision though lol

5. Do you prefer child friendly or mature sims (barbie and ken vs parts)?

I’m a perv. You know my answer to this.

6. Maxis match or not? Or maybe a mix?

A mix! For SOL the realism look works better. But I still adore a MM, so I use that on Honeymead Legacy and such!

7. If you could put on those scifi goggles and be in the sims, would you?


8. How packed is your mods folder?

 It depends on the folder I have in. I have separate ones for MM and SOL. My MM one ranges 5-6gigs. SOL is probably bigger.

9. What career would you want to see in the game?

OMG! That ghostbuster career from ambitions! Man.. I need to play Sims 3 again!

10. Do you bother to buy all the packs/expansion they put out?

Yes. I have zero control. Like Pokemon, I gotta have them all!

11. Does your sims get everything they want (motherlode) or do they have to work for it?

Depends on the save file. SOL gets cheats because it’s story mode. If I am actually playing the game, like with Honeymead though, then they have to work for it! 

My questions: @krazyangelkat81

1. Snog, Marry, Avoid – Which of your sims would you choose for each and why?

Snog- Jae-Hee… Mmm.. he has nice lips.

Marry- That’s a toss up. On one hand, I love Akio. I love his looks and the challenge to his personality in ways. However, he has stuff to work through and there’d be a lot of guesswork leaving you feeling insecure for a while lol. On the other hand Kenji would make an AMAZING husband.. Loving, devoted, cute, attentive, reassuring, logical, intelligent, rich… Shitty family though lol

Avoid- Sage. Hands down, no questions asked lol. He’s sexy on paper, but not so much outside of that. I live in a “No asshole d-bag zone” personally haha 

2. If you could date any sim from someone else’s blog who would it be and why?

James from @twinsimskeletons. I love him! I’ve loved him since I first started following Carys! He’s cute and witty and relaxed. Not pushy at all.. he just all around does it for me! ♥_♥

3. What activity would you love your sims to be able to do that they cannot currently without poses etc?

Maybe play sports. I actually wish they’d make a game pack for that! Things like Basketball, bowling, soccer, ice skating/roller skating. 

4. Which trait do you use most often when making sims?

Creative and Geek! Because I relate to them the most haha. That’s why I have to randomize traits for my legacies, or everyone would be a creative geek!

5. Which trait do you use least often and why?

Slob. It’s fucking gross lol

6. Which of your sims would you like to be if you could?

Kensie lol. I mean, she has great parents, she’s cute and bubbly, and carefree. She’s a big extrovert and really just the opposite of everything I am. It would be a nice change!

7. When building are you more of a builder, landscaper or decorator?

Decorator for sure! I suck with the other two lol

8. Do you bother creating special events in your game (weddings, funerals, graduations, new years parties etc) and which have you most enjoyed setting up?

I do! I love doing those things for my sims! I feel like it adds some immersion to an everyday life for them! Halloween, or any holiday type parties have been my favorite!

9. Do you use poses in your gameplay screenshots? If so do you find them easy to use or a little frustrating?

Yes, and some times yes. For the most part I have it down to a science now, but there are a few that take some more finagling than others to get right!

10. Favourite Stuff Pack and why? (I have a few I haven’t bought so I’m curious)

It’s probably a mix between, Kids room, Backyard, and Spooky! I love the things it gave to kids. They needed some attention! Backyard stuff.. waterslides! And Spooky because I like anything Halloween themed. I actually enjoy the movie stuff pack quite a bit too. I have them all honestly, and wasn’t terribly disappointed with any of them (not like I use to be with Sims 3!) I find they all add something new and fun. I’ve used stuff from all of them. I also find them way more reasonably priced, while adding actual gameplay elements as opposed to stuff packs from Sims 3. I’m also easy to please lol

11. When your sims age up do you change their wardrobe or just let them carry on as they are?

I change them. First EA always dresses them like jackasses. Second, I LOVE to dress up my sims.. if you haven’t noticed lol

Thanks for the questions guys! I already tagged before, so I won’t tag anymore since I’ll never think of 11 more questions, and I know I was late in doing this!