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I made those plans to enjoy some games that I haven’t gotten a chance to yet, or in a long while. Load up Fallout 4 finally. Okay, sure the previous Fallout’s totally triggered my motion sickness in the past, however, so did Oblivion- but when Skyrim released it did not get me sick at all. So, I was hoping since it’s all Bethesda games that might be the case with Fallout 4….


10 minutes into the game I was so sick that I’ve been laid out all afternoon with severe headaches and nausea. My husband messed with the game settings a bit for me while I was all screwed up because the OTC motion sickness meds never help me, so hopefully it helps. If not, then I have to go back to my doctor and get the prescription strength shit bleh. I still feel screwed up too.

I’m so grumpy lol