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Description : Teenage years can be a wonderful experiment or a living nightmare, depending on your choices. Will your sims take advantage of this life stage to fulfill their aspiration ?

Rules : In this challenge, there’s 10 customized aspirations with very differents goals. You must chose 2 aspirations per sims and complete them in order to age up your teen.

  • You can… : install zerbu mod “go to school”, use cc, poses, mod, custom traits or events / play with up to 3 teens sims at the same time / chose the traits you want for your sims / create or join a group.
  • You cannot… : use money/needs/career cheats, triple boost, potions, plumbob lights.

You must install an high school venue in your game to meet new teens and pretend to attend classes. You can chose if it’s a public or private school.

You can download your high school from the Gallery or build your own ! It can be an american, european, african, asian high school, etc.

  • Reach level 10 of logic and writing skills.
  • Reach level 5 of charisma and fitness.
  • Win 2 games of chess.
  • Write a best-seller.
  • Read an entire book in a library while focus (2 times).

Favorite venue : Library

  • Have 4 close friends (teens and not family members).
  • Meet 10 teens in the world.
  • Have a group of 8 teens. 
  • Spend a day at one of your friend’s house (at least 10 hours).
  • Have a club gathering in 3 differents community lots (at least 4 hours).

Favorite venue : Pool

  • Have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to the teen’s parents.
  • Have 3 dates in 3 differents lots (residential or community).
  • Mess around  2 times.  

Favorite venue : Cinema

  • Argue with parents (2 times).
  • Sabotage or steal 5 differents objects.
  • Invite 8 sims to a fake party.
  • Insult 4 differents teens.
  • Fight 3 teens.

Favorite venue : Pub or Bar.

  • Get the highest promotion in your part-time job.
  • Save enough money to go to college (20K simoleons)
  • Buy the most expensive computer from the catalogue.
  • Ask for loans to 3 differents sims.

Favorite venue : Restaurant or Retail store.

  • Take selfies at 3 differents community lots.
  • Max the photography skills.
  • Dance around a bonfire at midnight with at least 2 friends.
  • Post 3 pictures to Simstagram.
  • Have at least 150 followers in social media (charisma skill).

Favorite venue : Photo studio, Art Gallery or Museum.

  • Complete 2 collections of collecibles.
  • Win 3 games tournament.
  • Reach level 5 of the programming and gaming skill.
  • Do a movie night at home with 2 of your friends.
  • Go to the arcade at least 2 times.

Favorite venue : Arcade

  • Help 3 times a sibling with their homework.
  • Hug 5 times their parents.
  • Prepare one of their family member’s birthday.
  • Go to a retail store and buy a gift for a friend.
  • Help an elder at his or her house (tend garden, cook, clean).

Favorite venue : Home

  • Throw 2 parties at home while your parents are away.
  • Have at least 300 followers on social media (charisma skill).
  • Reach level 5 of the dancing skill.
  • Organize the prom at high school.

Favorite venue : Spa, Gym.

  • Have no friend during the whole challenge (except family members)
  • Never leave the bedroom for 24 hours (use lock door)
  • Talk to 10 differents plants.
  • Meet the hermitt at Granite Falls.
  • Runaway for 3 days. Live at the community park. You must eat only the food left by the townies. Not answer phone calls.

Favorite venue : Park.

End of the challenge : The challenge end when you have complete 2 aspirations. Then, you may celebrate with a prom night, hang a picture of your teen somwhere in high school (prize gallery) and age up to young adult.

(!) Of course, all of these aspirations are based on clichés.


  1. I want to play without zerbu “go to school” mod’s. When I am suppose to send my teens to high school ? I play cc-free, so I won’t use zerbu’s mod. If you create clubs for students, teachers, cook team and chose the high school as their favorite club gathering, chose them some uniforms as their club outfits, some of them will automatically shows up ! For more infos, you can check this old post I made a while ago. At least, it works fine for me ! / I sent them the week-end or takes days of or after their actual school.
  2. I don’t have some packs or expansions, how should I do ? If you do not have some packs, replace some venue with some from the base game. For example, the spa can be a gym. Use your imagination !
  3. I don’t have teens in my game. Where can I find more ? I’ve uploaded some in my library and selected some favorite teens. My Origin account is DWould. But if you want more, you can check these Orign ID : Vicky1qa / Saartje77 / Ghostjen / ScorpioMLS / Femmeonamission / Juoka, etc. (or go check my friends accounts)
  4. I am not a builder. Can you recommand some community lots ? Check my Origin account. I’ll upload some special community lots for this challenge (like an arcade, a cinema, a restaurant and a pool), and more will come ! But I’ll recommand to also check Silrosse / Simszabuilds / TheSimSupply / Simproved / Deligracy etc.
  5. I am a story-teller, some of my teens already have some skills and archievements, can I still join ? Yes ! If so, chose a skill/goal of your choice and replace it !
  6. I want to follow this challenge. How I can do it ? I made a special hashtag for this : “#ts4hschallenge“. 
  7. If I have some questions later, who should I contact ? Me ! *laugh*. Send an ask and I’ll gladly help.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your story/archievements and use the hashtag “ts4hschallenge” ! Happy simming !

Photo credits : love aspiration – @budgie2budgie / popular aspiration : @skurfiee-sims / good kid and money – @simgarten / loner – @meisu THANK YOU SO MUCH /  Font used : Noteworthy.

Definitely a must-try! 🙂

I kinda want to do this?

This is so interesting! I might try this myself!

This seems really fun! It’s something I might try to develop my teens more.

This is a cute idea! I may intermingle this challenge into the HOneymead Legacy once Pocky starts high school!