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Ryo and Seiji come to visit a lot on their own. They even like to help with the baby while Pumpkin takes care of other things.

Ryo: There, there little baby. Don’t cry.

Pocky: *sniffles*

Ryo: Ugh! This kid stinks!

Ryo: Sh, sh, sh.. It’s okay baby, Uncle Ryo’s got you.

Pocky: *screams*

Ryo: Here, how about some food little guy. I don’t have anything to offer you as good as your mom though.. you lucky guy. Man babies have it good, constant access to boobs in their mouth. Your mom’s got a nice pair too.

Pocky: *screams louder*

Ryo: Yeah, look at me with the baby handling skills. Alright!

Pocky: *still screams*