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Okay, since I have done 5 Akio, I’ll do Jae-Hee this time. I still have several more of these to do too, so if you sent in one I will get to it! ♥♥

1. Although not the prodigy that Akio was, Jae-Hee is musically talented as well. He can play a few instruments, the guitar being his best. However, his strength lies in lyrics and singing. 

2. Jae-Hee takes little in life serious. Mostly in part due to his very non traditional upbringing. It is also because of this Jae-Hee does not like the idea of commitment, It terrifies him to feel alone, and he sees committing your heart to that too big of a risk. So not committing yourself to one person is a safer bet for him. 

3. Jae-Hee’s parents are famous music producers in Korea. They own a prestigious music company. They had little time for Jae-Hee and mostly saw him as a burden. Therefore, when he was 4, he was sent to the states with his nanny, butler, and other personal staff to attend school, be raised by the staff, and mostly be out of his parents hair.

4. Jae-Hee met Akio & Amaya when they were 5 and all attended the same academy. Although he and Akio are best friends now, he became Amaya’s friend first due to both of them having a more outgoing nature, whereas Akio was more shy. 

5. He dates Amaya now, and although he does care for her and would do anything for her, he has never been faithful to her either. 

Thanks for asking lovely girl!! ♥♥