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Kenji sighed as he sat in the jacuzzi with his wife later that evening. His hands rolled through the water as his mind went in a dozen different directions. 

Kenji: Do you think I’m wrong?

Rosie: About expecting her to do better in school? Of course not.

Kenji: It’s clear you think I am wrong about something though.

Rosie: Not wrong honey. You two just think on different wavelengths. Your mind is ruled by logic and reason. Kensie is creative and carefree. She will never be a doctor or a lawyer- or even in the businessworld. To expect her to be would bury who she is. Until you both look at things from eachothers perspectives and accept the differences you will butt heads like this.

Kenji: I don’t want her to be those things. I also don’t want her to be anyone other than who she is, but the world is not an easy one. I don’t want her to struggle because of it.

Rosie couldn’t help but laugh slightly. Her husband had never struggled a day financially in his life, but she knew the struggles he was speaking of were not that.

Rosie: I don’t think you need to worry about your father pressuring her like he tried with you. For one, Kensie would listen to him even less than you did, and two- she has him completely wrapped around her finger. It’s uncanny really.. seeing Masao Himura humbled by a seventeen year old. 

Kenji chuckled with his wife.

Kenji: When you put it that way, she seems like the genius here, doesn’t she? Maybe we should ask her what her secret is?

Rosie: I don’t think it’s a secret. I think it’s just Kensie.