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It really wasn’t much of a challenge for Isabelle to get into the schools files via her mother’s account. Even if she wasn’t a quite skilled at hacking, Blanche had never been too creative with her passwords.

Kensie: There’s my file there.

Kensie said, pointing over her cousin’s shoulder excitedly.

Isabelle: Okay, let’s see what we have here.

She said as she skimmed down Kensie’s grades and stopped when she located the failing one. She looked up at her cousin in disbelief.

Isabelle: Japanese? Really? 

Kensie: Why is everyone making such a big deal out of Japanese being my failing subject?

Isabelle: Kens.. you’re half Japanese!

Kensie: And? I was born in America!

Isabelle: But your dad, and his entire side of the family are all Japanese- born and raised. You grew up hearing them speak it. How did you not pick it up at all?

Kensie: I don’t know! They were adults, I tuned them out most of the time probably.

Isabelle: What about Akio and Amaya? You spent a lot of time at their house when you were little, playing with those two all the time, when your grandfather went over to deal with business with their father. They spoke it too, it was their first language, you didn’t pick up any from them?

Kensie scoffed at her cousin.

Kensie: I’d hardly consider that playing with them all the time. Amaya use to charge me to play with her. I’d have to bring over a stash of my mom’s cookies. And Akio was less talkative then than he is now… actually I miss those days now that I think about it.