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Eric stood up but only for a moment before dropping to one knee and fumbling in his pocket and presenting the ring to Pumpkin.

Eric: Will you make me the happiest guy in the word and let me have all the pumpkin in the world a guy can have? Marry me?

Pumpkin: Where did you get that ring? I mean.. we haven’t been dating long.. When did you have time?


It was my grandmother’s ring to one day give to the woman I fell in love with… 

Pumpkin: You’re in love with me?

Eric: Mhmm.. so, much so..

Pumpkin: I love you so much too.. Even before I knew about that amazing thing you do with your tongue! 

Eric: *laughs* 

Pumpkin: Wow.. it’s beautiful! Your grandfather must have had amazing taste! 

Eric: Ummm, love.. Don’t mean to rush things here, but think I could get an official answer? The ground is kind of rough on the knees…

Pumpkin: You know, I didn’t complain about being on my knees last night..