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Pumpkin: Seriously, why am I the only one “blessed” enough to have to hear you.

It’s called breaking the fourth wall.

Pumpkin: The fourth wall? What about the walls before it.

*rolls eyes*.. You’re a geek, just think of it like your super power!

Pumpkin: OH! Like a super villain, you mean?!

Sure.. although I’m not sure you really fall under the super villain class. 

Pumpkin: What’s that suppose to me?!

Let’s face it, you’re not very evil Pumpkin.

Pumpkin: That’s not true at all! I’m evil, dammit! I’ll have you know the other day, I saw a lady leave the restroom with a stream of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe and I didn’t tell her at all!

Oh wow, you better slow your roll there Hannibal. They may come lock you up soon!