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Eric: So, I was thinking we could go see a movie tomorrow.

Pumpkin: You mean.. like a date?

Eric: Well, yeah.. unless you still wanted to as “just friends” *chuckles*

Pumpkin: What!? No! It’s just that’s what we had decided last time..

Eric: You decided on that, not me.

Pumpkin: You agreed to it too!

Eric: I just wanted to be with you in anyway you’d allow me.

Pumpkin: Oh.. *blushes*

Eric: But, I think things are different now, hmm?

Pumpkin: *nods*

I like him! He knows how to get you to be quiet! *approving mom*

Pumpkin: You be quiet!

Eric: I’m sorry?

Pumpkin: Oh nothing! There’s an annoying fly around here. *swats at the air*