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When Marissa didn’t move to turn off the station quickly enough, Rory reached around her and did so himself. He looked at Marissa and it was obvious he was upset with her. She’d never seen him look like this before.

Rory: What the hell was that about?

Marissa: It’s news.

Rory: News my ass. No one cares about bullshit questions like that. Why didn’t you ask me about that privately? Like the other day when I asked you if you had something to ask me? Why the hell would you do that on a live broadcast?

Marissa’s emotions and temper got the best of her as she yelled back at him.

Marissa: It’s not my business or concern who you date Rory. It was just something to ask!

Rory: Not your business or concern?

Marissa: That’s right!

Rory: Fine Marissa.

Rory said to her calmly and walked away. All Marissa could do was watch him leave while thinking, I really am like a monkey on crack…