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Marissa: Rory, what can you tell us about college life so far?

Rory: It’s certainly been interesting, that’s for sure. Take the dorms for example. When you think back to when you lived at home; most of us probably complained about the lack of privacy there with our parents, and siblings for those of us who have them; well, once you arrive at a college dorm, you realize just how for granted you took that privacy. Suddenly, you’re stuck with a whole new version of siblings- but from hell. They are loud and beyond invasive. Everyone is busy speculating and talking about who is doing what with who. And if you are truly unfortunate, you get stuck with a roommate who thinks you floor is one giant laundry basket/trash can combo.

Marissa: Well, that doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience at all..

Marissa said frowning slightly and causing him to grin at her.

Rory: Hey, I don’t mean to imply that college is all bad. I have certainly gotten a chance to meet some pretty interesting people as well.

He said while winking at her. Marissa felt herself tense up. Was he referring to Ashley?

Marissa: Would one of these interesting people happen to be the girl who has caught Rory’s eye as of late, Ashley Corono?

Rory looked at Marissa in confusion.

Rory: What?

Marissa wasn’t sure how she managed to hop to this subject, or get upset about it so quickly, but she pressed further with her questioning in an unmistakable tone of passive aggressiveness.

Marissa: No reason to deny it Rory. The rumor mill has already been circulating on it. ‘Rory and Ashley’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Rory: Turn off the broadcast. Now, Marissa.