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Rory: Want to play a game before we head home?

He asked as he sat down across from her. Marissa, who was slightly irritated with him already, retorted probably a bit more aggressively than she intended.

Marissa: Not if you’re going to tell me that there’s some strategy to winning chess too!

Rory let out a small chuckle at her.

Rory: You want me to tell you that there is no strategy to chess?

Marissa picked up on the amusement in his voice and scowled at him.

Marissa: Do what you want.

Rory arched an eyebrow as he glanced up at her. She was upset, he could very much tell. He picked up a chess piece casually, and while deciding where he would place it, he spoke to her in a calm voice.

Rory: Do you have something you want to ask me, Marissa?

Marissa didn’t look up at him as she made her move. She realized she was being irrational. He didn’t do anything wrong. Rory was free to do as he pleased. What did it matter to her?

Marissa: No, I’m sorry. I’m just hot from sitting out here I guess.

Rory sighed slightly.

Rory: You’re sure?

Marissa: Mhmm.. Also.. this game blows! What the hell is the point?

Rory laughed as Marissa’s feisty personality returned to its true self.

Rory: The point is to protect your king and trap your opponents king. The king is the most important piece and is to be protected by all of the other pieces.

Marissa: Oh, shocker.. protect the man.

Rory: Yes, but the queen is the one with the most power. Without her, he would be lost.