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drives Marissa to all of her classes, and they meet up after them all as well.

In fact the two habitually were spending more and more time together. It became commonplace to see one and the other not far behind. 

As they walked through the quad towards Rory’s car they were intercepted by Ashley. She had been after Rory pretty hot and heavy since the first week in school. She called and texted him everyday.. several times a day. Guys seemed to like Ashley too. Although she was dumb as a brick, she was outgoing, pretty, and very willing to “please”, from what Marissa heard about her.

Ashley: Rory! Hey! What are you up to?

Rory: Hey Ash. Not much, just heading home. Have you met Marissa?

Ashley looked at Marissa awkwardly, it was obvious Ashley would have been perfectly content to not notice Marissa at all.

Ashley: Uhh.. Sort of. The girl that’s always following you around. You guys live in the same dorms, right? Nice seeing ya Marissa.

Marissa scowled hard at Ashley. Following him around all the time?! She thought to herself. What the hell is that idiot airhead talking about? She stalks Rory daily! Before Marissa could pretty much blurt out that fact, Ashley started talking again to Rory.

Ashley: So, anyway Rory. I’m glad we ran into each other. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to grab something to eat some time. Or catch a concert? The Simpire’s are going to be playing this Friday night in fact, and I have two tickets! So, wanna go?