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Pumpkin: Mmmm.. smell that? Bet you want some, don’t you? I’ll sell you a bowl for 5 simoleans.

Rude Ginger: Why would I buy a 10 cent pack of ramen for 5 simoleans?

Pumpkin: Because I made this one with extra care! I put egg and all in it.. see?

Rude Ginger: Those look like egg shells.

Pumpkin: I may have broken a few shells off into it. Okay fine, I’ll shave off a buck!

Rude Ginger: There’s only one thing I will pay you for and it involves a pole.

Pumpkin: I’m not a hooker!

Red Ginger: I was talking about the fishing.

Pumpkin: Oh, right. Carry on, I’ll keep count while I eat,