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There’s a few of you who talk to me on a regular basis that know how neurotic I am about CC organization… There, I said it.. I’m obsessive with it. Okay- so..

Actually, I’ll put this under a read more cut to keep from spamming those with no interest in SOL! 

I keep different CC folders for different saves. No reason to have more realistic CC in with the more MM of the Honeymead legacy and vice versa into SOL. When I started Honeymead, it put me on a quest to to purge my MM save cc folders.. I was gone a long time, some things were broken.. some were those items that looked great in the download picture but looked like ass in game… and then there’s the whole “How many teapots or lipsticks does one truly need?” type concept. 

So, I started to clean, and of course even download some new stuff. Then I realized this needed to be done for SOL. Which is now still in disarray since it’s an even bigger project, because the amount of CAS and object CC in that world. When I decide to go balls to the wall like this though, I get brutal about it. I try not to second guess and I just delete!

With SOL, it’s not as simple as the MM saves, because II have to keep the sims themselves intact and CAS cc is the biggest obstacle since so many creators don’t make custom thumbnails for the cas items (it’s a good thing I’m neurotic about organization at this point..) Sadly, I should have thought to do this BEFORE I decorated more lots and started posting SOL again. I now have to fix them haha. But, I do not want to carry on decorating and posting more only to do this later and have to redecorate yet again. So, I have been daily chipping at the SOL folder now, and then have to rework lots and make sure sims are still intact. It’s daunting but I do enjoy getting everything cleaned out. That said, I have to just work at it a bit each day to keep from being burnt out.

My kids also start school in a couple of weeks so life is a bit more busy getting ready for that!. So, I am going to postpone SOL until I have all the CC purged and lots fixed. It may only take a week, but it could take up to two. However, once it’s all done it will make playing and posting SOL so much easier and there shouldn’t be anymore issues! In the mean time I’ll still be active on here. I have so many pictures ready to be queued for Honeymead.. plus I’ll be harassing all of your posts as per usual!