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REPLIES of the miscellaneous nature!

krazyangelkat81 replied to your post “Misc Replies[[MOR] krazyangelkat81 replied to your post…”

Ah Eric Northman, so much better as a vamp than as tarzan ❤

You know, I had NO clue about this movie! wtf! I just sent my husband (whom ALWAYS watches movie trailers and knows what’s coming out) a text, asking him how he come he never told me of this? And then accused him of trying to keep Alexander and myself apart. He “claims” he showed me the trailer, but I said “LIES!” Because, I would have remembered a trailer of Alexander Skarsgard in which he was shirtless 90% of the time!

Agreed about the vampire bit. Vamps are always hotter.. but honestly, he could be making a movie about a magical pony land and I’d watch it.. especially if he was shirtless……..

krazyangelkat81 replied to your post “SOL Info”

That’s a good compromise, it’ll be like a mini series :-0

neopixiesims replied to your post “SOL Info”

for a kdrama

replied to your post “SOL Info” it will be like waiting for episodes

@krazyangelkat81​ & @neopixiesims

haha! I like the way you both look at things!!! ♥♥

bsimth replied to your post “Life is complete..”


hehe.. An immature mind helps us stay young!

simsinthewoods replied to your post “Life is complete..”

You should have heard the things my husband tried when we got a remote that accepts voice commands….. and no, saying STFU will not mute the TV. It would be cool tho.

LOL! Yeah, I have definitely used siri more for making her say lewd things or asking her things like if she likes it in the pooper, more than the purpose she is really intended for. I’m not ever sure I used her for the proper purpose lol

Also, incidentally telling your husband to STFU doesn’t mute him either, but I think it would be equally cool if it did!! haha

ladysyrenplays replied to your post “Life is complete..”

lmao You would do something like this

Which, of course, means you would do the same!