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Tara: I’m sure we can figure something out Kens. 

Almost immediately Tara’s attention was brought to the table across from theirs where Akio sat talking with Jae-Hee, giving Tara an idea.

Tara: Oh! What about Akio? You two have known each other since you use to put dirt in his lunchbox.

Kensie: Hey! I only did that once, and he deserved that! He shaved my favorite barbie dolls head when I asked him to play with me! 

Kensie’s mouth formed into her signature pout when things were going her way and she sighed dejectedly.

Kensie: Besides, I asked him and Amaya both, and they said no.

Tara: Well, I think I would take a failing grade over having Amaya help me anyway..

Kensie; Yeah.. I asked Jae-Hee too, but he couldn’t help either..

Tara: Well, he’s Korean Kens, not Japanese.

Kensie: I know.. and apparently there is a difference.