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Kensie watched her teacher turn to head back towards her desk when the thought struck her suddenly. A teacher who incidentally also happened to be her mother’s best friend and Kensie’s aunt after marrying her Uncle Devin. 

Of course! Why didn’t I think of this before? Kensie thought silently as she hopped out of her chair and ran after her aunt.

Kensie: Auntie! 

 It seemed to Kensie that half of her family either, worked at the school, was an alumni of the school, funded the school, or was a part of the school committee. Her  Aunt Blanche was different though, as she had no real connection to the school. Being a master botanist with a minor in science she was recruited by the school, based on her actual amazing credentials, and not just who she knew or what money she had.

She also happen to be the coolest aunt Kensie had.. but that didn’t mean she was oblivious to the girls antics anyway. So, of course she knew flat out asking her aunt to help with grades would be out of the question. However, her computer whiz cousin Isabelle was a different story. The two were roughly the same age and grew up together; but Isabelle cared very little for the elitist society, nor going to a school that her mother worked at, and instead stuck to the public high school.

Blanche: Auntie? You want something don’t you? I’m not extending your project due date anymore Kens.

Kensie laughed playfully.

Kensie: No, that’s not it at all. I actually finished that. I paid the little weasel twenty bucks to finish it.

Kensie said, referring to her younger brother, Austin.

Blanche: Should you really be admitting that to me?

Kensie: Oh I sat in the room while he did it, don’t worry! Anyway, is Isabelle going to be home after school? I want to come over!

Blanche: You haven’t shown your parents your report card yet have you?

Blanche said, immediately calling her niece out on her bullshit. Not that Kensie never hung out with Isabelle, they did and quite often. Though rarely out of the blue, nor during school days like this since Blanche lived about 45 minutes away from her niece’s home.

Kensie: Aww come on auntie… please?

Blanche: I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were my husband’s kid and not Kenji and Rosie’s. Alright Kensie, but I’m not hiding you from your father, and you’ll have to find your own way over because I have the botany club today.

Kensie: No worries auntie! Thanks! This is why you’re my favorite!

Blanche: You even have your uncle’s bullshit gene down..