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There was only one benefit to sustaining a sports injury that ended Hendrix Ramon’s promising basketball career early, and that was getting to teach a room full of pretty young girls in little gym uniforms. He couldn’t wait for swim days. Of course he could live without the male students.

Honestly, he was about as unlikely of a high school teacher as they come. Covered in tattoos, questionable morals, and not the most stellar reputation, during his days in the limelight, while playing for the pros. However, when you were as good as Hendrix was, then even the most posh of schools overlooked your transgressions in order to train their privileged little rich kids.

Hendrix: Alright, listen up. New semester means new activities for P.E. Therefore and for the remainder of the year we will be doing weights Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the remainder of the days will be pool days. I’m going to separate you all into groups now. These groups are your training and spotting partners. You are to look out for each other and help where necessary. I don’t want to see anyone sustaining injuries due to high school jackassery.

Kensie: Are you suppose to talk to us like that?

Hendrix: Ahh, Kensie.. How I’m going to miss you when you graduate.