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Ms. Ellis: Okay, as I was saying.. Group one you will be in charge of hors d’oeuvres. Group two will be handling main course meals, and group three is in charge of desserts.

Esther did a silent leap of joy on the inside. She was group three, and it meant she was to be making the sweets for the end of the year event. Esther loved baking, it was her lifelong aspiration to become a famous baker. 

Gabriel: Excuse me, Ms. Ellis?

Ms. Ellis: Yes, may I help you?

Gabriel: Ahh, yes. Gabriel Meraz, senior class. I just transferred from the journalism department.

Ms. Ellis: ahh.. well, our teams are pretty well balanced, but let’s see. Perhaps join group three then. Perhaps you can help Esther keep Francine from consuming all the ingredients in their kitchen.