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Esther watched as the new kid in class, Gabriel Meraz, walked back to their station. He wasn’t new to the school, just the class; but still he was a senior and Esther a junior, so other than the elective course, seniors and juniors rarely interacted. This meant she had never met Gabriel before. Considering how cute he was, Esther was certainly glad that situation seemed to be getting remedied at the moment.

Gabriel: Esther?

Gabriel asked smiling at the girl. His voice was warm and inviting, and it was easy to tell he was a likeable guy right away. Esther smiled nervously and nodded.

Gabriel: Ahh, well it seems like I recieved the better end of the deal. Here, I get to work with such pretty girls, but I’m afraid you are stuck with someone who burns water. 

Esther laughed and blushed simultaneously.

Esther: It’s okay, Francine eats most of our ingredients but we still manage.

Francine: Hi Gabriel.

Gabriel: Hey Franny.

They with familiarity to each other. Not that Esther was surprised, it seemed likely they would know one another, as they were in the same grade level, but Gabriel’s use of a nickname alluded to the fact they were probably good friends.