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Ms. Holloman: Okay, Jax, Tara, and Curtis are on set and stage. Akio, as usual you will be working on the musical score, however, this time I am assigning Emi to work with you.

Akio: Why would you do that? I always do this stuff alone, I work better on my own. Not to mention Emi has as much talent as this wall behind me.

Despite Akio’s irritable tone and insult, Emi was smiling. She couldn’t be more happy at her assignment. Not that it came as a surprise, she was the one who in fact worked it out with Ms. Holloman. A fact Akio was about to become privy to as well.

Ms. Holloman: I’m aware that you do not like to work with people, Akio. However, Miss Konishi sought me out during my planning hour, and informed me she was new and that her grasp on the English language isn’t as strong as it should be yet. Seeing as you are both Japanese, and you are fluent in both it and English, I think it’s best she work with you for now.

Akio: Of course she did that.

Akio said in a flat tone of annoyance.

Ms. Holloman: Mr. Isobe you have your assignment.

Akio: Whatever, as long she stays out of my way. Unless you want a mediocre piece of music for the concert this year.

Ms. Holloman: Just teach her the best you can. please.

She said sighing.

Curtis: Dude, you’re lucky! She’s cute..

Akio: You want to work with her? 

AKio asked curtly, however, Emi still smiled. Sure, Akio sounded grumpy, but he always did. He couldn’t mean everything anyway- he did just come tell some other boy he wasn’t allowed to be with her, didn’t he? Emi beamed at the thought again.. She sure was glad she left Japan.