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Ms. Holloman: Lastly, Jae-Hee. You will, of course, be in charge of lyrics again. I would like for Gracie here to work with you though.

Jae-Hee: And can she actually write anything that we know of? Or does she also have the talent of a wall?

Ms. Holloman sighed again. Why did her most talented students have to be the most difficult?

Ms. Holloman: Really, is it just something in you prettier boys genetic makeup to be inherently more complicated about everything?

Jae-Hee laughed at Ms. Holloman’s comment and offered a shrug.

Jae-Hee: Aww.. come on Ms. Holloman. You know I don’t mind working with people myself. I am just asking, because she just doesn’t.. you know look the musical type is all.

Gracie: And what exactly does the “musical type” look like?

She asked with a frown. Jae-Hee just offered her an amused grin, but no real answer. It could definitely be said that the student body had not left much of an impression on Gracie Butler. 

Willoughby Academy? More like Douche Bag Academy.. She thought to herself. Thank goodness she wouldn’t be here long since the year was half over already.

Ms. Holloman: She can write.. that’s how she’s here in this school now. She can sing too. Which is why I want you two to write and perform a duet. Alright, you all have your assignments, so let’s get started. I want concepts by the end of the week.