Teh Book Meme

Rules: in a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard- they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so i’ll see your list.  

I was tagged by @simsinthewoods! Thanks girlie!! ♥♥ This is hard to limit to 10!!!

  • Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade  –

    Barthe DeClements

    – This book is important because it was given to me when I was 10 years old, and it was my first real chapter book, I read the entire book in one afternoon and it was the starting point to becoming such an obsessive reader. Later, I did the same for my own son when he turned 10, by giving him Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke and he also became obsessive about reading too.

  • A Darkness at Sethanon – Raymond E. Feist -When I first married my husband and was bored at the house while he was at work, he had the Rift War series. At that point the only fantasy I had ever really read was Tolkien’s work, and a few other random things. This series spurred my fantasy novel obsession and this one just happens to be my favorite in the series.
  • The Thief of Always – Clive Barker – This is one of the most brilliant books I have ever read, and at the age I read it it certainly made me reflect the message. It’s very different from his Hellbound series. 
  • Dracula – Bram Stoker – My vampire obsession made me read this when I was younger, and the literary fan in me made me love it. 
  • The Velveteen Rabbit – Margery Williams – It’s a children’s book, but the most beloved from my own childhood. I have a rare fond memory of it being read to me.
  • Homeland (Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy) – R.A. Salvatore – My fantasy obsession led me to him. I have read almost the whole series, but the first is where the love began. Drizzt Do’Urden & Artemis Entreri are two very memorable characters for me! 
  • Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell – Scarlet O’Hara the original bitch.. what more can I say?
  • A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas – Certainly not her best work, but my favorite guilty pleasure. It’s memorable because @ladysyrenplays suggested this author to me while I was on hiatus and she got me addicted.. because that’s what friends do! We get each other addicted to new kinds of crack.. oh and because RHYS forever!
  • Pride and Prejudice– Jane Austen – Mr. Darcy.. that is why.. and Jane Austen was a bamf!
  • Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë – nuff said <— agreed

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If you have already done it(which I am sure some have) , or don’t want to/don’t read, then no pressure! and yes @corianderpunch manga does count! haha