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Sage Wilder walked into the classroom and saw groups of students huddled around talking, as they waited for his debut appearance no doubt. It was his first day teaching, and he never felt so out of place in a school in his life. However, his friend said they needed a teacher quickly, and Sage wasn’t one to turn down a job paying what this one was. Especially when the only requirement was to teach little rich kids how to hold a paint brush. 

Sage took his place at the head of the class and called for everyone’s attention.

Sage: Right, so before we actually being there’s a few thi…

Sage’s voice trailed off as he realized he was competing with another person in the classroom. He directed his gaze to the back at Amaya, who was chatting on her cell phone, completely disregarding Sage and the class that was now in session.

Sage: Hey diva queen. Sorry to be an inconvenience to you, but you think you can discuss painting your nails and selfies later?