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Sage walked around the class, observing as the students did their paintings. Some had talent and it was obvious, while others left much to be desired, which was also obvious. It was Amaya and her painting, however, that gave pause to Sage.

Sage: You like surrealism?

Amaya: I like what ever gives me a grade. I don’t care about art. I wouldn’t even take this course if it wasn’t required. You should also be warned to never try to embarrass me again like that. The outcome will not be good for you.

Sage smirked from behind Amaya.

Sage: You should probably break that notion in this classroom.

Anaya: What notion?

Sage: The notion that your high school girl threats worry me. Anyway, nice job.

He said in indication of her art and walked off, leaving Amaya fuming even more..