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Sage: I spent the morning going through some of the projects you have all done. There’s a few of you that have obvious talent. Then there’s ones like this. Who does this little gem belong to?

Sage asked, indicating a painting of blob that resembled a flower. Roland Barone stepped forward, grinning at Sage and took credit for the art on display.

Roland: That’d be mine. 

Sage: I have to ask, what made you enroll in the art elective? You are actually aware that this is an art class, right?

The rest of the class chuckled as did Roland- nothing much ever shamed Roland Barone.

Roland: Of course. Chicks dig moody artists, dude!

Sage: Yes, well chicks usually only dig it if you can actually paint past the skill level of preschooler. 

Another ripple of laughter rolled across the room and Roland just shrugged sheepishly.

Sage: Okay, everyone go to your easels then. I need to see what skill level I am working with here from the rest of you. Paint what ever you are inspired to, but have it done before the end of class.