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Jae-Hee: Did you know that Emi would be in this class?

He asked Akio, who was absently playing on the piano, while the two waited for the class to begin. He shrugged, not breaking from his current melody. Akio was easily known as the most musically talented in the entire school; the piano being his favorite of choice.

Akio: What of it?

Jae-Hee: Well, she just got here and it looks like she’s already making friends.

Akio paused in his tune and saw Emi speaking with Jax Mcdowell. Not that Jax was a bad kid, but he certainly had one use for girls, and was usually finished with them once that use was fulfilled. Emi would be just dumb enough to not realize the intentions of a guy like Jax, and then Akio would have to deal with his own father for not watching out for the girl. Sighing he pushed back away from the piano.

Akio: What a bother.