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Amaya: I don’t discuss such frivolity like that.

Amaya spat at Sage, but did not hang up her call.

Sage: I really don’t care what you discuss. Either hang up the phone or leave the class..which ever you choose, I also really don’t care.

He said, and by the way responded it was obvious from his completely collected tone that Sage had been undaunted by her previous vehemence. Amaya did not say another word as she quietly hung up her phone. Most teachers knew who her father was, and therefore would never risk speaking to her like that, but this one was new and clearly clueless to how things worked. Still, she would not risk embarrassing her family by getting thrown out of the classroom now. She would deal with this later.

Roman: Did you see that? He just shut down Amaya like no man’s business.. Beauty and brains.. Mmm! I have never been so thankful that you talked me into taking this class, Kens.

Kensie; It was like a beautiful scene from heaven, wasn’t it? I feel like I should ask him for his autograph.. or trade secrets..