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Akio: Why are you in this class Emi?

Akio asked when he approached the two, abruptly and unapologetically cutting off their conversation.

Emi: I signed up for music.

Akio: Yes, but why? Elective courses are about things we enjoy or are good at. You have no musical aptitude at all. 

Emi: Umm.. 

She stammered, unsure what to say. Of course he was right. She couldn’t even play the recorder back in grade school. In fact she was so bad at it the teacher had asked just to pretend she was playing it at their school concert. 

She wanted to be around Akio though, and music was the class he was in, and due to their different grade levels it was the only class she could take jointly with him. Afterall, the whole reason she transferred to the states was to be near him.

Jax: Dude, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? She could learn.. Hell, you’re a master of how many instruments? Just teach her.

Akio: No. And while we are on the subject, she’s off limits. Prowl around someone else.

Jax: My bad man.. I didn’t realize she was your girlfriend.

Akio: She’s not, but you’re still to stay away from her. Let’s go Emi.

He said, turning away from the two. Of course she followed right behind him.