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Zoe: No way Roman.

Roman: Come on Zoe.. Please?

Zoe: The last time you convinced me to double date with you, we all went back to my house, and I caught the guy taking my underwear from my dirty laundry basket.

Roman: Some guys like the smell of ladies underwear.

Zoe: He was trying them on.

Roman: I promise this guy isn’t into that. He’s my dates cousin who is from out of town, and his mom is insisting he bring him too. I really like this guy Zoe, this was going to be our first real date. He says his cousin is really cute.

Zoe: Why can’t you have Kensie do it?

Roman: The last time I had Kensie wingman for me, I still got stuck with the third wheel, because she ditched the guy for some other dude she met that night!

Kensie: Hey, you guys think I could convince someone from the school newspaper to photoshop my grade into a passing one for me?