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Kensie: So what if it is?

Jason covered his face with his palm slightly trying to mask the ironic humor of the situation.

Jason: Aren’t you embarrassed?

Kensie: No.. why would I be? Not everyone is in touch with their inner nerd quite to the level you are Jason.

Jason: Right. But, you’re father is Japanese..

Jason retorted at her, completely unphased by her snide remark.

Kensie: And my mother is American. What’s your point? A lot of children with mixed heritages don’t speak both languages.

Jason: Your father has a genius level IQ…

Kensie: So? That means I have to be that smart as well?

Jason: Your aunt is the the foreign language teacher.. teaching Japanese.

Kensie: Seriously,  what is your point? Will you help me or not?

Jason: Kensie, if you can’t even manage a passing grade with all of those benefits at your disposal, then what can I do for you? Even I have my limits.. I’m smart, not a miracle worker.

Kensie frowned at Jason, but was unable to say anymore as her aunt instructed them both to take their seats.

Aimi: Kensie, Jason it’s time for class to begin. Please take your seats.