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Kensie shut her locker as she wallowed in her own self pity. She’d never felt so depressed in her life, and Jason Yeo had only made her feel worse. Sure, her father was a genius, but that didn’t mean she was. And, yes- her aunt was the teacher of the class, but she couldn’t expect special treatment. Her aunt had made that clear when Kensie first stepped in the class, instantly dashing her hopes that it would be an easy A for her. Besides, her aunt was busy enough planning her wedding that was coming up soon.

Kensie let out a dramatic sigh and turned down the hallway to head to her next course. She only walked a few steps when she stopped dead in her tracks.

There it was! 

Her salvation! 

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that sooner! She thought before resuming a determined path down the hallway before her.