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Kensie plopped down in her seat with a heavy sigh, drawing the attention of her friend next to her, Roman Hale.

Roman: What’s wrong Kens?

Kensie: My life is over Roman..

Roman: Oh sweetheart, I’m sure it’s not as bad as all that. Was that brute Jason Yeo picking on you?

He asked playfully. It wasn’t that Roman disliked Jason, in general Roman got along with everyone, He just knew how to indulge Kensie and her dramatics, often making her feel better.

Kensie: I failed Japanese and my father is going to ki…. Hey, can you tutor me in Japanese, Roman?

She asked, cutting herself off.

Roman: I’d love to baby girl, but I’m barely passing with a C in the class. I don’t think I would be able to help you out much.

Kensie sighed dejectedly as she opened her book.