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Kensie: Come on auntie.. can’t you just tell dad that you made a mistake? I’m only asking you to push it up to a C..

Kensie implored her teacher, who also incidentally happened to be both her aunt and the instructor of the class she had just failed.

Aimi: Kensie Nicole Himura! I will not lie to my brother, nor jeopardize my integrity as a teacher and alter your grade for you! I can’t believe you’d ask me that, and you’re lucky that I don’t call Kenji and inform him of this conversation.

Kensie: but auntie..

Kensie whined, but was cut off abruptly by Aimi, who was trying to keep the conversation between the two as quiet as possible.

Aimi: I don’t want to hear anymore. Go back to your seat and stop calling me auntie in class!