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They looked the girl over who had just interrupted their conversation, with wild and unkempt hair and glasses that were too big for her face, Amaya was barely able to hide her judgment of the girls appearance before finally offering a fake smile. 

Amaya: Seems like you have the wrong room.

She didn’t have the wrong room, but Natalia was quick to fall into step with Amaya’s lie, and Gracie was none the wiser.

Natalia: Yeah, you need to go upstairs to the third floor.

Gracie: Oh, well thank you both.

Gracie said and quickly left, hoping to make it to her next class before the tardy bell rang. Why had she been foolish and decline the help of a student guide? Gracie was always refusing help though, and this time she was regretting that decision more than most.

Once Gracie had left, Natalia let out a snicker.

Natalia: Wonder how lost she’ll get?

Amaya: Hopefully lost enough to leave the school. They really just seem to let in any charity case these days here.