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Natalia: Come on Amaya. You know how Jae-Hee is.. he just says stupid things. 

Natalia said to a brooding Amaya, whom

was still upset about Jae-Hee’s comment earlier,  before the start of their second period class. He couldn’t really like Emi that much could he? Sure, she was aware that Jae-Hee was promiscuous, it was a fact she accepted as woman in the family and world she lived in. The men played. It really only bothered her when she actually found out about it happening. He had to be aware though that she would not excuse him flaunting it, and it would never be acceptable with that little church mouse, Emi!

Natalia: Just withhold sex from him for a while. That’ll teach him!

Amaya scoffed at her friend,

Amaya: Why would I punish myself? I’ve never understood that concept women have.. withhold sex as punishment and deny myself of pleasure? Really, Nat you can be so dense sometimes. 

Before Natalia could offer a response, not that she really would have because no one ever argued with Amaya and got out of the situation alive- well, except maybe Akio and Jae-Hee, a mousey looking girl that neither of them recognized walked in the door.

Gracie: Excuse me, is this umm.. Mr, Parrish’s class?