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Marissa: Seriously, I get you are both guys staying in this room and all, but what is that smell?

Rory: That would be your lover boy, Derek’s, disgusting habits laying around the room. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’d shower before he takes you out.

Marissa frowned at the back of Rory’s head, but before she could respond to him he closed his laptop and started to get up.

Rory: Part’s ordered. It will be here in a few days.

Marissa: Wait, you don’t need my credit card?

Rory shrugged again indifferently.

Rory: I just used mine.

Marissa: You didn’t need to do that!

Rory walked by talking to her as he casually headed towards the door.

Rory: Eh. It’s whatever. Come on, let’s go see a movie. You can buy my ticket as payment.