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Gracie walked through the large double doors at the top of the third floor stairs only to come face to face with a very large swimming pool.

Gracie: Well.. something tells me that this is not Mr. Parrish’s English class..

Lady: Excuse me. What are you doing here? The pool is off limits to students during this period.

A lady who was wearing a sharp suit dress and tidy bun demanded of Gracie. 

Gracie: Oh.. I’m new here and seem to be lost. I am looking for Mr. Parrish’s class.

Lady: How did you end up here? The class rooms are on the first and second floors only. We do provide student guides for new students, perhaps you should speak with the front office about obtaining one?

Gracie: Yeah.. I’ll do that. Thank you for the information. I will check into it during my lunch hour then.

Gracie responded gratefully. She wasn’t about to inform the lady she had turned down a guide already.

Lady: Very well. I will show you to the class room for now.