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Esther: So, do you have any questions before we begin?

Emi: When is lunch hour?

Emi asked abruptly causing Esther to giggle briefly..

Esther: Into food, huh? Me too. I hope to be a baker some day myself. You should consider picking up the cooking elective. It’s a great class!

Emi: No, it’s not that.. and I’m already taking music.

Emi had done her research on elective courses that the school offered before she started. Although, Willoughby Academy was a top notch school for the wealthy and gifted, it only catered to junior and senior classes. Sadly, Emi was only a junior, while Akio was a senior; but she did discover that juniors and seniors all attended their elective courses during fourth period, and that both grades attended this period together. So, of course she took the class that she knew Akio would be in. Music.

Esther: Ahh, well that’s okay! We all have our interests. Anyway, junior classes have their lunch from 11:30-12:30 and senior classes are the hour after.

Emi: we don’t eat lunch together?

Esther: No. Willoughby may only school two class grades, but our lunchroom is not large enough to hold us all at once. 

Emi couldn’t help but pout at the revelation Esther had just bestowed on her. She’d hoped to eat with Akio today. Now not only would she not be able to, but she would have to be with people she didn’t even know.

Esther grinned knowingly at Emi.

Esther: He’s a senior, isn’t he?

Emi: Who?

Esther: The boy you want to eat lunch with.

Emi: You can tell?

Esther: Of course! Come, tell me about him as I show you around.

Esther said cheerfully to Emi while leading the way down the halls, and allowing Emi to tell her about Akio, something she was all too happy to do.