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What’s got you so down?

Break your selfie stick?

Jason asked mockingly to a depressed looking Kensie, whom incidentally was almost always happy and bubbly. 

She in return glared at him with an unamused expression. Jason Yeo was easily the smartest kid in their small, but prestigious academy. The only satisfaction Kensie took in Jason’s smug demeanor was that, no matter how smart he was, he would pale in comparison to her own father. Everyone always did, even herself unfortunately. She was just about to point out this fact when a thought occurred to her- Wait.. smartest kid in school. She thought while she swallowed her initially planned insult, and instead smiled brightly at him.

Kensie: Jason, you’re smart!

Jason: Are you just figuring this out?

Ugh.. smart ass. Of course she didn’t say this to him. Kensie may not be that smart, but she knew not to insult someone you were about to ask for a huge favor that may prevent the premature ending of your life as you know it!

Kensie: Can you tutor me.

Jason: No.

Kensie: What? Why not? Can’t you even think about it for a moment?

Jason: Why should I?

Kensie: Well, doesn’t everyone say you’re the smartest kid in school? Now you can prove it!

Jason: Why would I need to prove it if everyone already says it’s true?

Kensie: Proof is always nice to have in case someone tries to challenge you.

Jason: I have proof. The fact I’m listed as top in every class every term.

Before Kensie could champion her argument any further, the teacher showed up instructing everyone that class was starting. 

Whatever, who wants to be stuck for hours with Jason Yeo anyway? I’d rather waste away from an unfilled destiny. She thought bitterly to herself as she opened her book and prepared for class.