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I was tagged by @nicole-simsessed  & this is a great meme tag to do!

Basically you just make a playlist for one of your sims. 

Being both a musical prodigy and multilingual, Akio enjoys an eclectic range of music from several languages. He gravitates towards songs with complex musical sounds or deep lyrics that he can relate with. As he is very withdrawn and reclusive, music is the one thing he can escape with… Pretty sure 1 and 2 are his spirit songs…

1. DemonsImagine Dragons
3. Hurricane30 Seconds to Mars

4. RedemptionGackt (Japanese)
5. Because I’m Stupid– SS501 (Korean)

What a fun one to do!!! Thanks for the tag girlie!

I tag- @ladysyrenplays​, @corianderpunch​, @krazyangelkat81​, @firstladyofcasterlyrock​, @zauglom​, & @permissiontocurse​ (No pressure if you don’t want to do this, or have done it and don’t want to repeat it!)